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Ms. Hoffman


San Diego State University, Bachelor of Arts - Education & Social Sciences

Pepperdine University, Masters - Educational Leadership

Ms. Hoffman's Class of 2012

Ms. Hoffman's Class of 2012

Hoffman's Scholars

Welcome to our website!

Undoubtedly you will first enjoy seeing photos of some of our activities this year. After you have had fun finding friends and family members, be sure to make use of the links to some educational websites that will support student learning.

This year, we will continue to develop our reading and comprehension skills in several ways. First, we will use the Houghton-Mifflin anthology and workbook to develop very specific skills and generate good discussions about characters, problems-solutions, biases, etc. We will also listen to some recorded books or books that Ms. Hoffman reads to us. Finally, we will choose books at our own reading level from the hundreds of AR books in the library or in our classroom. We are required to read 30 minutes EVERY night. Pizza gift certificates and other monthly awards add to the fun of reading AR books. Just ask one of us for a recommendation on a good book to read.

In math, we have a new text book, enVision Math, that includes 20 Topics with Assessments, Quick Checks, Reviews, and a workbook. We especially love our "Surfing Fox" with music. We can access our book and workbook online too.

Finally, we have a beautiful science book, California Earth Science and an interesting social studies book, Ancient Civilizations. Both of these books generate some very enthusiastic discussions.

We have also created a wikispace for our classmates to share their essays with one another.

Since this is our last year at Whittier, it is going to be the most fun. We will leave with wonderful memories of Outdoor Science Camp, Field Trips, Fun & Games during the last week, and finally, Promotion. Thank you to all of our teachers for guiding us through our elementary school years.


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Outdoor Science Camp

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Lyon's Air Museum

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My Family

Grandson, Mateo My brother, Mom, and Sister-in-Law Lesli, Marcus, and Lori My mom with her 4 grandsons and 2 oldest great grandchildren Good Friends on a Birthday trip to Catalina