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Path to Resume In-Person Instruction
Posted 9/4/20


Newport-Mesa close to announcing date to resume in-person instruction (Level 2 - Modified In-Person)

Newport-Mesa Unified School District is in the process of determining a date for the reopening of schools, in Level 2 - Modified In-Person Instruction, with an announcement expected late next week. 

There is a new State of California framework that provides a blueprint for Orange County reopenings. The tiers are designated by four colors: purple (widespread), red (substantial), orange (moderate), and yellow (minimal with the lowest restrictions). Orange County is currently in the purple tier and with the county numbers trending in the right direction, is on track to transition to the red tier. Under this new system, Orange County schools may be able to reopen later this month.  

Elementary School Waiver 

Our District is currently assessing whether to pursue the elementary school waiver for reopening in-person instruction. The elementary school waiver process requires support from our employee associations and parents districtwide, and has a 14-day waiting period after submission. Based on the potential timing of all Orange County schools being eligible for reopening without a waiver later this month, the waiver would not expedite the reopening of our schools. 

More to Follow... 

Our District will continue to be in communication with staff and parents regarding the reopening of our schools. We are pleased that Orange County overall continues to move in the right direction and urge everyone to continue to follow the guidance of social distancing, wear face coverings, and avoid gatherings, especially as we enjoy our Labor Day weekend.   

As you know, things related to the COVID-19 pandemic quickly evolve, we will continue to be flexible and continuously plan to safely return staff and students to campus.  


Newport-Mesa Unified School District School Reopening Webpage 

State’s new four-tiered system to track COVID-19 progress by county