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PTA Team

Our Parent Teacher Association meets monthly, check the Student Calendar for our next meeting.

We invite all parents to attend our informative meetings and have an active voice in helping to strengthen our school community.

You are an important part of our school.

The PTA board meets monthly. Board members are elected and serve for two years.

These groups, in tandem, address and vote on all extracurricular business and financial expenditures.

Executive Board
Title Name/Email
President Patricia Lopez 
Vice President Nancy Villanueva 
Treasurer Nereyda Espinoza 
Financial Secretary Christine Nolf 
Secretary Beatriz Flores
Parliamentarian Valentin Ortega
Memberships Rosa Pineda
Memberships Beatriz de Arcos 
Historian Elsa Guerrero 
Hospitality Nayeli Guzman 
Hospitality Maria Cristina Jara
Auditor Lisa Boler


PTA President
PTA Secretary
PTA Historian
PTA Hospiatity
PTA Hospitality
PTA Treasurer
PTA Parliamentarian
PTA Membership